Captek™ Restorations

captek-restorations-denver-coOur dental lab services are convinced that Captek™ restorations are the premier dental crowns and bridges.  

Captek™ crowns and Captek™ bridges are:

•    Strong and shock-absorbing
•    Esthetically long-lasting
•    Healthier than conventional restorations for surrounding gums
•    Corrosion and deterioration-free
•    Accurate
•    Durable and bacteria resistant

We are confident when producing Captek™ restorations that the compatibility of this unique gold composite internal material with natural teeth, implants, and the porcelain will provide Captek™ crowns and Captek™ bridges that are natural in appearance and long-lasting.

For information about our Captek™ restorations, or to request Captek™ crowns or Captek™ bridges from our premier dental lab, call 303-825-2622

Captek™ Crowns for Strength and Reliability

captek-crowns-denver-coIf you are searching for optimal crowns, Captek™ crowns will provide the strength and reliability unique to this patented metal composite material.  

Captek™ crowns are known for their strength and health properties as well as esthetics. The color of Captek™ bridges and Captek™ crowns will not change. 

In fact, with Captek™ crowns the common darkening gingival line that we commonly see with conventional crown materials does not occur because it does not produce any oxides.

Among the unique characteristics of Captek™ restorations is the ability to produce strong and reliable Captek™ crowns in small or thin teeth.  

Captek™ crowns and Captek™ bridges provide superior strength not only to conventional metal crowns, but to metal free restorations as well. 

Because of the superior strength and reliability of Captek™ restorations, patients can anticipate longer service with their Captek™ crowns and Captek™ bridges than with conventional metal crowns and bridges.

And when considering an esthetic solution for all patients, we recommend Captek™ restorations.  We are proud of the Captek™ crowns and Captek™ bridges produced in our dental laboratories.

Additional Benefits of Captek™ Bridges and Crowns

captek-bridges-denver-coCaptek™ bridges and Captek™ crowns have been tested and clinically proven to be less susceptible to bacterial accumulation than any other crown system.

Additionally there are other benefits in the use of Captek™:

•    Captek™ restorations are natural looking
•    No formation of oxides, allergies or plaque
•    Great Accuracy in producing Captek™ bridges and Captek™ crowns
•    Significant custom design capabilities of Captek™ restorations
•    Unique performance characteristics
•    No corrosion or deterioration of Captek™ restorations
•    Captek™ restorations will last for many years
•    Captek™ bridges and Captek™ crowns function like natural teeth

There is a wealth of scientific data that we can provide, not only about Captek™ as an alternative for conventional crowns and bridges, but our experience in producing Captek™ restorations and proven patient satisfaction.

If you wish to obtain additional information, including technical data, we welcome your call at 303-825-2622