Ceramic Restorations Lab

ceramic-restorations-lab-denver-coOur ceramic restorations lab has considerable experience in ceramic restorations.  

Based on our experience, there is significant demand for optimal esthetic restorations like those which are expertly done in our ceramic restorations lab. 

It is a well-known fact that earlier technology in a ceramic restorations lab resulted in restorations that were brittle and costly to repair.

The incredible results from our ceramic restorations lab have provided a dramatic effect on the appearance of dental patients locally and beyond.

Our ceramic restorations lab has an intense interest in enhancing the health and functionality of natural teeth.

If you need the advice of experts, talk with our ceramic restorations lab technicians serving the Denver, CO area and beyond.  303-825-2622

Ceramic Restorations – Crowns and Bridges

ips-empress-ceramic-restorations-denver-coOur ceramic restorations lab is experienced in natural-looking restoration of crowns and bridges.

Crowns with ceramic restorations are completely metal-free, and are renowned for properties that include strength, durability, and exceptional shade matching to natural teeth.

And as with ceramic restorations of crowns, ceramic restorations of bridges similarly provide a natural looking way to replace missing teeth. 

In fact, ceramic restorations of bridges are difficult, if not impossible to spot.  They restore symmetry and beauty to the smile.

Outstanding advantages commonly seen in our ceramic restorations lab when using ceramic restorations for crowns and bridges:

•    Biocompatibility for avoiding gingival trauma
•    Ceramic restorations are metal-free
•    Ceramic restorations are natural looking
•    Ceramic restorations do not affect other dentition
•    Ease of application
•    Excellent fit of Ceramic restorations with optimum marginal seal

Our ceramic restorations lab technicians have the expertise to achieve optimal esthetic results that meet the expectations of the dentist and patient.

For a ceramic restorations lab serving the Denver, CO area and beyond with Ceramic restorations that provide a beautiful cosmetic color match, call 303-825-2622

All Ceramic Restorations for a Better Color Match

empress-ceramic-restorations-denver-coAll ceramic restorations provide a better color match, including ceramic restorations.

The extremely homogeneous leucite-based Ceramic restorations scatter light naturally, and provide a chameleon effect for optimum shade match.  Its use attracts dental patients because of the translucency and lifelike appearance.

Our experienced ceramic restorations lab recognizes the importance of superior esthetics in the restoration of dental defects. 

In the use of all ceramic restorations, including Ceramic restorations, single-tooth applications, such as veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns, the end result is a consistently harmonious blend with their natural environment.

For additional information about ceramic restorations that provide a better cosmetic color match, our ceramic restorations lab serving the Denver, CO area and beyond welcomes your call at 303-825-2622