Dentist Digital Outsourcing Options for Non-Digital Labs

dentist-digital-outsourcing-denver-coAs a dentist digital outsourcing lab facility, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you as your outsourcing dental lab.

The efficiency of our digital system has changed the dynamics for many dentists who require the services of an outsourcing dental lab. 

We enjoy a remarkable doctor-dental lab relationship with dentists who need services provided by dentist digital outsourcing to improve their work flow, and to increase their revenue and productivity.

Through the services of our outsourcing dental lab, we are able to integrate our digital dentistry outsourcing options into dental practices with solutions that enhance innovative and creative dental restorations opportunities and outcomes.

As a trusted outsourcing dental lab, we welcome the opportunity to assist in your growth by providing dentist digital outsourcing processes that improve your work flow, profitability and quality of dental restorations.  Call 303-825-2622

Outsourcing Dental Lab Can Provide the Services You Need

outsourcing-dental-lab-denver-coOur outsourcing dental lab services have evolved into the digital dentist outsourcing world of image capture and advanced technology of computer design.

Our digital dentistry system contributes to a premier outsourcing dental lab that provides us with creative and efficient dental restorations, electronic files, effective automation systems, and comprehensive diagnosis options. 

These are all key elements contributing to a long-term success in restorative dentistry that are provided by our digital dentist outsourcing lab.

In our digital dentist outsourcing lab, highly-precise impressions are captured quickly to accompany data to digital production stations simultaneously. 

Instead of taking weeks to go through several processing stages, our outsourcing dental lab is capable of accomplishing the process in days.

With our experience in the dental industry, we understand that time is money. 

With the services and support of our digital dentist outsourcing lab combined with our vertically-integrated approach as an outsourcing dental lab, we offer a wide range of restorative options, cost-effective pricing, and rapid turnaround times.

Enjoy the Digital Revolution with Digital Outsourcing to ADC

dental-lab-denver-coThe digital revolution has contributed significantly to our decision to partner with professional dentists as a dentist digital outsourcing lab facility.

Our decision in becoming a premier outsourcing dental lab has contributed to our vertically-integrated approach of offering the widest range of restorative options to dentists.

Our goal is to provide dentists exactly what they expect when selecting a dentist digital outsourcing lab facility. 

We are prepared to provide dentists with high-quality work, extensive options, value-added services and reasonable prices from our outsourcing dental lab.  

We want to maximize your investment to its full potential to keep you ahead of your competition in the fabrication of precise, functional and esthetic dental restorations.

To enjoy the digital revolution with dentist digital outsourcing lab facilities, join us at ADC.  Call 303-825-2622