Digital Dentistry Solutions for the Kansas City MO Dentist

digital-dentistry-kansas-city-missouriWith years of experience in the use of digital dentistry, we have made significant advancements in our dental lab.  

In addition to digital impressions, we have incorporated a range of digital dentistry services, or computer-controlled components, in contrast to common mechanical and/or electrical services.

These digital dentistry services in our dental lab are providing more efficient integration of new technologies that will benefit Kansas City dental practices.

Some of our digital dentistry dental lab services include, but are not limited to:

•    Fabrication of implants, crowns and bridges in our dental lab
•    CAD/CAM design capabilities
•    Stress breakers for bridges
•    Digital impressions in our dental lab
•    Electronic Storage of records and digital impressions in our dental lab

As a technological leader in digital dentistry, we are replacing traditional, inconsistent dental lab methods with the latest systems in finished restorations, digital impressions, CAD/CAM design capabilities and fabrications with fast turnaround times serving the Kansas City dental community.  

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Digital Impressions Reduce Turn Time for Your Kansas City Practice

digital-impressions-kansas-city-missouriReplacing the conventional processes in our dental lab with digital dentistry provides us with the opportunity to offer efficiencies in terms of solution options, reliability, consistency, and cost savings to your Kansas City dental practice.

The adoption of digital impressions is rapidly progressing, and should be considered by every dentist in the Kansas City area.

We have made the transition in our dental lab from conventional hand designs to digital impressions as part of our continuing growth in new technologies.  

The following is a list of some of the advantages/benefits of digital dentistry:

•    Improved restorations provided by digital dentistry
•    Highly-precise digital impressions provide rapid turn time
•    Long-term digital impressions and records storage in our dental lab file
•    Fewer restoration failures
•    Digital impressions preference by Kansas City patients

The adoption of digital dentistry in our dental lab, including digital impressions, has improved productivity with improved turn time and greater precision.

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Enjoy the Digital Revolution in Kansas City with ADC Dental Lab

dental-lab-kansas-city-missouriIf you are a Kansas City dental practice who has not yet joined the digital dentistry revolution, we welcome the opportunity to work with you by integrating our modern digital dentistry technology into your practice.

Our concept for digital dentistry success is providing maximum services to dentists that include three areas:

•    Improvement of accuracy compared to pre-digital dentistry
•    Higher level predictability of outcomes provided by digital dentistry
•    Increased time and cost efficiencies

Our dental lab provides remarkable systems benefits to clinicians who wish to do more in less time by taking advantage of our digital dentistry methods, including digital impressions. 

For example, use of digital impressions results in cost and labor savings, as well as predictable and consistent restorations.

Give us the opportunity of sharing the benefits of joining the digital dentistry revolution.  Call 720-739-3022.