Digital Dentistry Solutions for the Omaha NE Dentist

digital-dentistry-omaha-nebraskaWith the advancement of digital dentistry, we have experienced a tremendous amount of technological growth in our dental lab that is a benefit not only to us, but dental practices we serve nationwide.

For example, digital impressions have replaced the use of traditional hand designs in our dental lab. With our cutting edge digital dentistry technology, we are providing time and cost benefits to your Omaha business with dental lab restorations that are precise.

The following is a short list of digital dentistry services used in our dental lab, but not limited to:

•    CAD/CAM design capabilities
•    Fabrication of implants, crowns and bridges in our dental lab
•    Digital impressions
•    Shade matching
•    Stress breakers for bridges
•    Electronic records management and storage in our dental lab computer file

We are technological leaders in digital dentistry, replacing conventional, inconsistent dental lab methods with advanced systems in finished restorations, digital impressions, CAD/CAM design capabilities and fabrications serving the Omaha dental community.  Call 720-739-3022

Digital Impressions Reduce Turn Time for Your Omaha Practice

digital-impressions-omaha-nebraskaOur dental lab is technologically advanced in digital dentistry services incorporating computer-controlled components in contrast to common mechanical and/or electrical services.  

In most businesses, time is money.  With faster integration of advanced capabilities of digital dentistry, including digital impressions, we can provide cost and time efficiencies from our dental lab directly to the Omaha dental community.

The following is a list of advantages/benefits of digital dentistry and how it can reduce turn time for your Omaha practice:

•    Digital impressions reduce need for restoration adjustments
•    Cost-effective elimination of labor-intensive dental lab procedures
•    Omaha patient preference for digital impressions
•    Long-term storage of digital impressions as a dental lab computer file
•    Elimination of handling of physical impressions and casting models
•    Digital impressions provide high precision and rapid turn time

The quality of digital impressions has improved the design and manufacture of restorations.  Another benefit that reduces costs in our dental lab is the elimination of material inaccuracies, resulting in fewer restoration errors.

For more information about digital dentistry solutions, including digital impressions that reduce turn time for your Omaha practice, call 720-739-3022.

Enjoy the Digital Revolution in Omaha with ADC Dental Lab

dental-lab-omaha-nebraskaOur concept for digital dentistry success is providing maximum services to the dental community.  That includes three specific areas:

•    Higher level of predictability of outcomes provided by digital dentistry
•    Improvement of accuracy compared to pre-digital dentistry
•    Increased time and cost efficiencies

We can provide an even greater effect for your Omaha dental practice by working with you in the integration of our state-of-the-art digital dentistry technology into your practice. 

The digital revolution has created remarkable system benefits for clinicians who wish to do more in less time by integrating our digital dentistry technology into their practices.

We welcome the opportunity of working with you in joining the digital revolution.  Call 720-739-3022.