Digital Dentistry Solutions for the Phoenix AZ Dentist

digital-dentistry-phoenix-arizonaThrough the use of digital dentistry in our dental lab we have broadened our range of services with advanced state-of-the-art technology.  

Complementing our digital impressions capabilities, we also provide dental practices for the Phoenix area with advanced restorative solutions.

Our range of digital dentistry services include, but are not limited to:

•    CAD/CAM design capabilities
•    Digital impressions
•    Stress breakers for bridges
•    Fabrication of implants, crowns and bridges in our dental lab

We have focused on the following advantages in improved services to dentists:

•    Superior predictability of outcomes
•    Increased efficiency in time and cost provided by digital dentistry
•    Accuracy improvement compared to pre-digital dentistry

With the use of CAD/CAM design in our dental lab, we are able to provide fabrications that are economical, predictable, consistent, and with a faster turnaround.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you by integrating our modern digital dentistry technology into your Phoenix practice. Call 720-739-3022.

Digital Impressions Reduce Turn Time for Your Phoenix Practice

digital-impressions-phoenix-arizonaWe believe future impression-taking will transition from the old conventional hand designs to digital impressions.  We have already made the technological transition to digital impressions. 

Our dental lab is continually adding advanced technologies that will help dental practices in the Phoenix area join the digital dentistry revolution.

Some advantages/benefits of digital dentistry include:

•    Highly-accurate digital impressions from our dental lab
•    Highly-precise digital impressions provide rapid turnarounds 
•    Improved restorations provided by digital dentistry
•    Cost-effective elimination of labor-intensive dental lab procedures
•    Digital impressions reduce need for restoration adjustments
•    Preference of Phoenix patients
•    Digital impressions ensure better restoration fits
•    Long-term storage of digital impressions as a dental lab computer file

With the adoption of digital impressions in our dental lab, we have improved productivity, improved turn times, and increased accuracy.  

As digital dentistry technology has grown in recent years, our capability as a dental lab has increased its advancement and provision of state-of-the-art services to the Phoenix dental community.  For more information about our digital dentistry solutions serving the Phoenix area, call 720-739-3022.

Enjoy the Digital Revolution in Phoenix with ADC Dental Lab

dental-lab-phoenix-arizonaAs a technology leader in digital dentistry, our dental lab provides a wide range of options that have a direct effect on the success of dentists serving the Phoenix valley.

The digital revolution has provided remarkable system benefits to clinicians who are taking advantage of our digital dentistry methods, including digital impressions.  

One of the more tangible benefits is the cost savings that we are able to pass on from our dental lab to the dentist. 

Elimination of the time-consuming issues of conventional impressions allows the dental lab to begin the digital design more quickly.  Our use of digital impressions results in cost and labor savings that are passed on to the dentist.

For more information about our experience in joining the digital dentistry revolution, and how we can support your Phoenix practice with our state-of-the-art technologies, call 720-739-3022.