Digital Dentistry Solutions for the Salt Lake City UT Dentist

digital-dentistry-salt-lake-city-utahOur range of advanced state-of-the-art digital dentistry services for the Salt Lake City dental community is growing at a rapid pace.  

The digital dentistry revolution has provided us with the opportunity to replace conventional, inconsistent dental lab methods with advanced systems in finished restorations, digital impressions, CAD/CAM design capabilities and fabrications for dental practices.

A short list of digital dentistry services used in our dental lab includes, but is not limited to:

•    Digital Impressions
•    CAD/CAM design capabilities
•    Shade Matching
•    Fabrication of implants crowns and bridges in our dental lab
•    Electronic records management and storage in our dental lab computer file

For Salt Lake City dentists who need precision-designed products that are reliable and accurate, including digital impressions, the efficiency of our digital dentistry dental lab systems has changed the dynamics nationwide. 

Please call us for information about digital dentistry and how it will improve your services to the Salt Lake City dental community at 720-739-3022.

Digital Impressions Reduce Turn Time for Your Salt Lake City Practice

digital-impressions-salt-lake-city-utahThe use of digital impressions is creating a significant effect on dentistry because of the many benefits for the dental lab, the dental clinician, and the patient. 

Digital dentistry offers reliability and high precision that result in time and cost benefits, as well as reduced turn time for the dental practice and the dental lab.

We are convinced that future impression-taking will transition from traditional hand designs to digital impressions.  

Some advantages/benefits of our digital dentistry digital impressions services for our Salt Lake City business include:

•    Elimination of handling physical impressions and casting models
•    Immediate evaluation of the quality of digital impressions 
•    Digital impressions reduce quantity of remakes
•    Cost effective elimination of labor-intensive dental lab procedures
•    Significant patient preference for digital impressions
•    Digital impressions provide high precision and rapid turn time
•    Digital impressions ensure better restorations fit
•    Improved restorations provided by digital dentistry

For more information about digital impressions that reduce turn time for your Salt Lake City practice, in addition to a broad range of digital dentistry dental lab solutions, call 720-739-3022.


Enjoy the Digital Revolution in Salt Lake City with ADC Dental Lab

dental-lab-salt-lake-city-utahIf you have not joined the digital dentistry revolution, we encourage you to do so.  As a leader in the digital dentistry revolution, we have seen the extent to which digital dentistry is changing dentistry.

Since joining the digital revolution, our concept for digital dentistry success is providing maximum services to dentists that include the following three specific areas:

•    Increased efficiency in time and cost provided by digital dentistry
•    Superior predictability of outcomes
•    Improvement of accuracy and precision compared to pre-digital dentistry

We welcome the opportunity of discussing how we can integrate our state-of-the-art technologies into your Salt Lake City practice.  Call 720-739-3022.