IPS Empress® Restorations

ips-empress-porcelain-crowns-denver-coWe are among those who have experienced the incredible success of leucite glass-ceramic in IPS Empress® restoration and IPS Empress® porcelain crowns.  

For dental health professionals who may not be familiar with IPS Empress® restorations, the following will provide a brief overview:

•    IPS Empress® restorations provide superior esthetic restoration of defects
•    IPS Empress® porcelain crowns provide outstanding strength values
•    IPS Empress® restorations offer an exceptional alternative to metal
•    IPS Empress® restorations are the choice of dentists & patients
•    IPS Empress® restorations are financially competitive products

Clearly, IPS Empress® porcelain crowns and IPS Empress® restorations have had many years of clinical success with high patient satisfaction.

These natural looking IPS Empress® restorations are aesthetically pleasing and provide an excellent fit similar to that of a natural tooth.

Call us for additional information about IPS Empress® restorations and IPS Empress® porcelain crowns to achieve the esthetic goals of your patients: 720-739-3022.

IPS Empress® Porcelain Crowns for Esthetics and Strength

ips-empress-restorations-denver-coIn fabricating IPS Empress® porcelain crowns, we consider the entire restoration. 

Not only do we develop an all-ceramic IPS Empress® porcelain crowns system with natural looking restorations, but also outstanding strength values of IPS Empress® restorations.

We are also committed to producing high-quality IPS Empress® porcelain crowns that are affordable for our dentists and their patients.  We focus on precision fabrication IPS Empress® porcelain crowns that provide an excellent fit.

Your patients expect the finest cosmetic results and longevity.  To meet those requirements, we recommend IPS Empress® restorations that look and feel natural. 

And, our IPS Empress® porcelain crowns will not exhibit the common darkening gingival line of conventional crown materials that produce oxides.

We would appreciate hearing from forward-thinking dental professionals who are interested in providing their patients with cosmetically beautiful IPS Empress® porcelain crowns and IPS Empress® restorations that fit, and have outstanding strength values. 

We will team with you to provide the highest customer satisfaction with our IPS Empress® porcelain crowns and IPS Empress® restorations.  Call 720-739-3022

Why Choose Metal-Free IPS Empress® Crowns, Inlays and Onlays?

ips-empress-denver-coThose dark lines around old-technology crowns are a clear sign that there is metal under the porcelain.  IPS Empress® dental crowns were designed to improve esthetics over the metal-based, porcelain-covered crowns.

The color of IPS Empress® porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays will not change.  

With professional fabrication of IPS Empress® restorations, you can expect a natural look, a comfortable fit, and improved strength with a beautiful dramatic effect.  And IPS Empress® porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays have a strong record of clinical success.  

We provide IPS Empress® porcelain crowns especially for teeth that are highly noticeable.  Our IPS Empress® inlays and onlays are used primarily to replace large dental fillings, and amalgam fillings for esthetic purposes.  These IPS Empress® restorations are fabricated in our dental laboratory.

If you would like to learn more about the beauty and durability of the IPS Empress® restorations, call 720-739-3022.