Metal Crowns and Bridges for Minimal Tooth Wear

metal-crowns-and-bridges-denver-coMetal crowns and bridges account for a high percentage of dental crown procedures. 

Because of the extreme durability of metal crowns, their use is most prevalent in molars and specific areas that are exposed to forces from chewing and grinding.

Metal crowns and bridges are common restorative techniques for repairing damaged or missing teeth.  The use of metal crowns and bridges strengthens damaged teeth and restores normal function.  

Compared to other types of crowns, less tooth structure is removed with metal crowns and bridges.  In terms of wear-down, metal crowns and bridges may last the longest.

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Other Benefits of Metal Crowns

metal-crowns-denver-coThe use of metal crowns and metal crowns and bridges provides many benefits:

•    Effects of tooth damage or loss are reversed with metal crowns
•    Metal crowns and bridges prevent shifting teeth following tooth loss
•    Restoration of tooth function and appearance with metal crowns
•    Metal crowns rarely chip or break
•    Minimal amount of tooth removal required for metal crowns
•    Good resistance to further decay with metal crowns
•    Metal crowns and metal crowns and  bridges do not corrode in the mouth
•    Metal crowns and bridges are extremely durable and resist stress fracture

Durability of metal crowns and metal crowns and bridges is achieved not only by the material selected for the restoration, but most importantly by the fabrication of a professional dental lab.

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Why Choosing Our Dental Lab is the Right Choice

dental-lab-denver-coWe have a full service dental lab with state-of-the-art technology.  Our dental lab is widely recognized for its premier dental restorations including metal crowns and bridges.

With a fully-qualified professional staff in our dental lab, along with high precision CAD/CAM technology, we have made a significant impact in the industry. 

We are leaders in the design and fabrication of custom designed dental restorations.

In addition to the fabrication services of our professional dental lab technicians, we have a strong reputation among dental health professionals based on:

•    Highest quality standards in dental restorations by our dental lab
•    Rapid turnaround from our dental lab to the dentist
•    A strong reputation for proficiency by our master dental lab technicians
•    Value-added dental lab services
•    An incredibly strong and trusting dental lab-to-doctor relationship

As a leading full-service dental lab, we are confident in our ability to provide premier dental restorations with exemplary customer service and competitive prices.  Call us at 303-825-2622