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With 35 years of experience in the dental laboratory field, we are fully operating and taking on new clients!

Specializing in cosmetic cases, traditional or digital impressions for crowns, bridges and implant* cases

*digital implant cases should be discussed with lab before sending

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Dental Laboratory Services and Products
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Milled Zirconia

Our dental lab services specialize in milled zirconia work.

Our crowns, bridges and copings are:

  • Strong and durable
  • Beautiful and esthetically pleasing
  • Proven to be bio compatible
  • Lower tooth sensitivity than metal bridges

In addition, you’ll love the fact that there is less preparation prior to fitting zirconia bridges and crowns and the patients will love that the translucence qualities the bridges and crowns will blend better with natural teeth.

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Digital Dentistry Solutions

Advancements in our dental lab include the use of digital dentistry.

The vast improvement of communication tools between the dental health professionals and our dental lab technicians is due in large part to the use of digital dentistry and our ability to provide rapid solutions provided by clear digital impressions.

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E.Max Crowns

In selecting a type of all-ceramic, E.Max is the preference for E.Max crowns and E.Max bridges and full contour porcelain crowns because of its highly attractive esthetic qualities. E.Max crowns and E.Max bridges are fabricated from lithium disilicate ceramic known for its durability, flexural strength, biocompatibility and opaque qualities.

Some advantages to consider include:

  • Highly attractive appearance of E.Max crowns and full contour porcelain crowns
  • E.Max crowns provide the best match to natural teeth
  • No metal alloy to create darkening gingival line

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Specialization Dental Lab

dental-lab-denver-coOur dental laboratory is widely recognized in providing dental health professionals with custom designed dental restorations.

We have a Specialization Dental Lab that offers a wide range of services using advanced state-of-the-art technology:

•    Crowns
•    Bridges
•    Implant dental restorations
•    Veneers
•    Removables-prosthetic dentistry

With the high precision of CAD/CAM technology, our full service digital dental lab has made a significant impact in the design and manufacture of restorations.

Along with the services of our Specialization Dental Lab, we provide benefits for dentist professionals, as well as their patients:

•    Exemplary customer service from our dental lab and digital dental lab
•    Strong reputation for proficiency in our dental laboratory
•    Rapid turnaround from our dental laboratory and digital dental lab
•    Advanced state-of-the-art technology and systems in our dental lab
•    High-quality standards in our dental laboratory and digital dental lab

Contact ADC at 303-825-2622 to discuss your specific digital dental lab needs and concerns

Enjoy the Digital Revolution with Our Dental Laboratory

dental-laboratory-denver-coThe digital revolution in our dental laboratory has had a significant effect over conventional methods in designing and manufacturing restorations.  
With the growth in digital restorative procedures in our dental laboratory, we are consistently improving our techniques. 

We have made every effort to be digitally competent in our digital dental labs to receive digital impression files from general dentistry firms who are upgrading to digital impressioning.  

Our experience with the digital revolution in our digital dental lab is a lowering of costs and shorter turn-around time.  As we adopt greater monolithic material solutions in our dental lab for restorative procedures, we are able to provide greater services to general dentistry.

We continue to strive toward improved accuracy and quality in our dental lab that will benefit not only the dentists, but their patients as well.

Join the digital revolution with restorations from our digital dental lab.  Call 303-825-2622

Benefits of a Digital Dental Lab

digital-dental-lab-denver-coOur digital dental lab provides many benefits to patients, dentists, and to the dental lab industry. 

Our mission is to stay on the cutting edge of technology with our dental laboratory.  We understand that as we improve the capabilities of our dental lab, more general dentistry professionals will turn to digital scans, thereby replacing impressions.

As a result of that transition, and our continuous efforts to adopt state-of-the-art technology in our dental laboratory, there will be system benefits for patients and dentists, such as:

•    Improvement of work coordination between dentists and the lab
•    Reduction in dental laboratory mistakes
•    Reduction in cost of dental restorations by our digital dental lab
•    Increase in accuracy with digital images produced by our dental lab
•    Digital impressions produced by our dental laboratories eliminates physical impressions

As a leading Specialization Dental Lab with advanced digital technology, we are confident in our ability to provide a quality option in dental restoration.  Call 720-739-3022.

Digital Dentistry Solutions

The vast improvement of communication tools between the dental health professionals and our dental lab technicians is due in large part to the use of digital dentistry and our ability to provide rapid solutions provided by clear digital impressions.

Ceramic Restorations Lab

Our ceramic restorations lab has considerable experience in ceramic restorations. Based on our experience, there is significant demand for optimal esthetic restorations like those which are expertly done in our ceramic restorations lab.

Dental Laboratory

We have 35 years of expertise in the dental field. Over the past eight years we have focused in our dental laboratory on digital dental lab services, including crowns, bridges, veneers and implant restorations.