Full Gold Crowns for Durability and Reliability

full-gold-crowns-denver-coA full gold crown can be an excellent choice for restoring a tooth. The classic full gold crown is made from a gold alloy because the physical properties of alloys are superior.

Several unique advantages in the use of gold dental crowns:

•    Full gold crowns are durable and very reliable
•    Full gold crowns do not chip; breakage is uncharacteristic
•    Full gold crowns are strong and withstand chewing forces well
•    Full gold crowns are user-friendly for dentists in achieving a good fit

Because the gold alloys used in making a full gold crown have a wear rate nearly the same as tooth enamel, the wear rate on the teeth that the full gold crown bites against is minimal.

Our dental laboratory is experienced in fabricating a variety of gold restorations, including full gold crowns, full-cast gold crowns and full-cast gold restorations, inlays and onlays, and full gold crowns for implants.

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Benefits of Full-Cast Gold Crowns and Bridges

full-cast-gold-crowns-denver-coFull-Cast gold crown restorations are considered to be unmatchable in terms of strength and reliability.  In addition to full-cast gold crowns, full cast gold is recommended for veneers, inlays and onlays, and bridges.

There are many benefits associated with full-cast gold restorations:

•    Excellent fit and marginal integrity of full-cast gold crowns  
•    Biocompatibility of full-cast gold crowns
•    Rapid turnaround time of full-cast gold crowns 
•    Full-cast gold crowns do not wear down the opposing dentition
•    Plaque resistance of full-cast gold restorations
•    Full-cast gold crowns and bridges are resistant to oxidation 
•    Longevity of full–cast gold crowns and full-cast gold restorations

We provide full-cast gold crowns and full-cast gold restorations in several types of dental alloys.  Generally, dental health professionals as well as dental labs such as ours prefer to work with high noble metal alloys because they are easy to use in the fabrication of full-cast gold crowns.

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Full-Cast Gold Restorations for Posterior Crowns

full-cast-gold-restorations-denver-coFull-cast gold restorations are considered by our professional lab technicians as the standard for reliability and durability of posterior crowns.

It is also well known in the industry that full-cast gold restorations provide an ideal fit.  And depending on the type of alloy, the full-cast gold restorations have proven to perform well where occlusal space is limited.  

In applications where a non-ceramic restoration is suggested, full-cast gold restorations are the ideal solution for posterior crowns and bridges.

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