Onsite Crown Staining to Match Existing Dentition

onsite-crown-staining-denver-coChairside custom crown staining can be a challenge in terms of matching the natural appearance of ceramic restorations to existing dentition.  

And while onsite crown staining can be difficult, dental lab technicians who are trained in chairside custom crown staining have usually developed their own concepts about successful onsite crown staining.

To achieve a beautiful esthetic match that is indistinguishable from nature, the onsite crown staining dental lab technician must apply the principles of color theory and anatomy.

Our experienced chairside custom crown staining lab technicians understand the importance of the 3 elemental dimensions to color:  hue, saturation and value.  

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Chairside Custom Crown Staining to Achieve Perfect Color Match

chairside-custom-crown-staining-denver-coWith the experience and skill of our chairside custom crown staining lab staff, we can actually custom stain to match the patient’s shade.  This is invaluable for areas that are highly visible.  

When the patient is right there, the onsite crown staining technician can determine just the right amount of color required for a perfect color match.  And once the chairside custom crown staining is complete, it is nearly impossible to distinguish it from existing dentition.

Our onsite crown staining technicians focus on the utilization of color theory and the science of digital dental design to provide an excellent patient experience.

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Why Choose Us for Chairside Custom Crown Staining?

dental-lab-denver-coThe success of a perfect color match rests with our technically-experienced chairside custom crown staining technicians.  

There are many contributing factors to consider in achieving a beautiful esthetic experience with onsite crown staining. 

It is a well-known fact that shadows in the mouth, shade changes due to the shade of the gingival tissue color, the sunlight, and even the smile line can affect the color of the onsite crown staining.

Our chairside custom crown staining technicians know the color-matching process from start to finish. 

The philosophy of our onsite crown staining staff is that there is no substitute for experience and a clear understanding of the application of the principles of color theory in achieving the best possible end results.

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