Dental Lab Products and Services

dental-lab-products-denver-coWe pride ourselves in delivering a comprehensive array of dental lab products directly from our dental restoration lab to the dental health professionals industry.  

Our dental lab services are also widely recognized for their automated fabrication systems, use of newly-developed and proven restorative materials, digital dental restoration services, and our reputation for maintaining long-term working relationships between our dental lab services professionals and doctors.

A brief overview of dental lab products that we fabricate include, but are not limited to:

•    Zirconia crowns, Veneers
•    All-Ceramic dental restoration fabrications; Full Cast Crowns
•    Conventional crowns and bridges
•    Removables;  dental implants; orthodontic-orthopedic appliances

In addition to our dental lab products, we provide additional dental lab services, such as:

•    Smart Box technology
•    CAD/CAM technology
•    Digital Impressions
•    Optivisor optical glass binocular magnifier

Contact us for additional information about dental lab products and dental lab services from a premier dental restoration lab at 303-825-2622

Dental Restoration Lab Serving the Denver Community

dental-restoration-lab-denver-coOur dental restoration lab is committed to providing the Denver area and beyond with exceptional dental lab products and dental lab services.

We offer a wide range of dental restoration and dental lab products from basic crowns and bridges to very complex implants and frameworks, in addition to the cutting edge technology of our dental lab services.

The high-quality crown and bridge fabrications from our dental restoration lab are designed with easy installation protocols.  Our all-ceramic dental restorations provide highly-desirable natural esthetic results.

With the combined contribution of our dental lab services and dental lab products team, we offer one of the most extensive high tech, cosmetic dental restoration lab facilities of the digital dentistry revolution.

We stand ready to provide you with exceptional dental lab products.  And let us know how we can serve you with the knowledge, expertise and technical capabilities of our dental restoration lab facilities.  Call 303-825-2622

Additional Fixed Dental Lab Services

dental-lab-services-denver-coAs part of our wide array of dental lab products, our dental lab services include additional fixed dental lab services.

Our fixed services, including full cast,  PFM’s and metal-free ceramics such as IPS E.Max® appear throughout our site descriptions of dental lab products and dental lab services.

Our commitment in providing the finest materials, techniques and state-of-the-art technologies also includes additional fixed dental lab services.  We have expertise in crown and bridge services such as:

•    Wax-ups
•    Post and Cores
•    Precision attachments
•    Telescopic copings

To learn more about our complete listing of additional fixed dental lab services, please call us at 303-825-2622