Dental Laboratory- Enjoy the Digital Revolution with ADC

dental-laboratory-denver-coWe have 35 years of expertise in the dental field.  Over the past eight years we have focused in our dental laboratory on digital dental lab services, including crowns, bridges, veneers and implant restorations.

Our qualified team, including our dental laboratory staff, has successfully dedicated itself in building a strong reputation in the field of dental restorations.  The introduction of the digital revolution in the dental laboratory has changed our thinking about our dental lab services and techniques, as well as restorative materials and cost structures.

With the addition of CAD/CAM technology, we have integrated our dental lab services to conveniently link with dental health professionals.  This has resulted in significant automation within our dental laboratory, providing precision-designed dental restorations that benefit the dentists as well as their patients.  

These new technologies coupled with improved restorative materials have propelled our dental lab services to new heights in terms of meeting increased demand and rapid turnarounds. If you are searching for a dental laboratory with state-of-the-art digital dental restorations capabilities, call 303-825-2622

Dental Lab Services That Enhance the Doctor-Lab Relationship

dental-lab-services-denver-coWe are convinced that digital technologies in our dental laboratory operations has changed the way many of the dental professionals are establishing treatment plans, and the types of materials they request from our dental lab services for their end products.

With the adoption of digital dental restorations, conventional thinking among dental professionals is changing.  By automating our dental laboratory production systems, along with the development of new restorative materials, we have improved the doctor-lab relationship with exceptional results.

 Working as an extension of the dental health professionals, our dental lab services are able to provide their patients with exceptional dental restorations results.  We believe the dental lab services we provide in digital dental restorations and knowledge-sharing are the keys to the future success of dental health professionals and satisfaction of their patients.

We encourage you to call our professional staff in dental lab services for more information on digital dental restorations at 303-825-2622

Why Choose Us for Dental Restoration?

dental-restorations-denver-coWe are leaders in digital dental restorations.  For some time, we have used completely integrated digital dental restorations technology in our dental laboratory.  As our dental lab services have grown in this technology, we have provided our dental health professionals with information that will link them to the full spectrum of digital dentistry.

This means a change from conventional methods on their part to digital impressions that allows our dental laboratory to create custom crowns, bridges, veneers and dental restorations with:

•    Precision in final dental restorations
•    Short turnarounds by our dental lab services
•    Cost reduction
•    Ultimate all-around quality care for patients
•    Improvement in work coordination between our dental laboratory and dentists
•    Excellent quality control and accuracy

Please call ADC at 303-825-2622