Digital Dentistry Solutions to Reduce Turnaround Time

digital-dentistry-denver-coAdvancements in our dental lab include the use of digital dentistry. 

The vast improvement of communication tools between the dental health professionals and our dental lab technicians is due in large part to the use of digital dentistry and our ability to provide rapid solutions provided by clear digital impressions.  

Digital impressions have replaced the use of traditional impression materials that are time-consuming, uncomfortable and inconvenient.  The cutting-edge technology of our digital dentistry provides digital impressions data that is highly accurate.  

And the highly precise digital impressions captured by our dental lab technicians in mere minutes provide a short turnaround time in the preparation of dental restorations.

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Digital Impressions for a Higher Level of Accuracy

digital-impressions-denver-coDigital dentistry has provided cutting-edge technology in our dental lab through the use of digital impressions. 

A major benefit of digital dentistry is the digital impressions technology that captures a higher level of accuracy by our dental lab technicians.

The improvement of digital impressions quality has led to improved restorations fit because this level of digital dentistry reduces the possibility of impression-taking errors. 

Digital impressions also eliminate material inaccuracies resulting in fewer restoration errors in our dental lab.

Another vital element in the use of digital dentistry in our dental lab is the ability to electronically store digital impressions for an indefinite period of time.

For our dental lab professional technicians, the advanced technology of digital dentistry has eliminated some of the labor-intensive dental lab procedures. 

Through effective use of digital impressions, our dental lab technicians are able to create functional dental restorations with a consistently precise method.

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Enjoy the Digital Revolution with ADC Dental Lab

dental-lab-denver-coA high point in our dental lab occurred with the introduction of digital dentistry as a result of the digital revolution.

The evolution from the traditional hand-design to digital impressions has provided us with the ability to fabricate better-fitting restorations with fewer errors, and a faster turnaround time.

The true fulfillment for our dental lab with the use of digital dentistry is the enhancement of the close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist and our dental lab team. 

That component has strengthened our ability to complete the fabrication of precise, functional and esthetic dental restorations.

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